If your mission is to provide equal access and opportunities for all girls in the Za’atari camp to receive an education how do you reach them all?

If getting safely to and from school is a major factor for girls not receiving an education will going to them solve this problem?

Again, I find myself coming back to this idea of a mobile education centre in order to reach as many girls as possible in the Za’atari refugee camp and provide them with key learning experiences that will empower them in life.  So the question is, can a mobile classroom be used as an effective tool in achieving this goal?  Well the answer is YES!

In fact after a little research I have found that this is already happening in order to reach refugees in the Calais jungle as well as those displaced in Northern Syria.  The Al Karama bus and the school bus project have been designed to provide children with a quality education, time to play and enjoy themselves.  Estella’s brilliant bus in partnership with Microsoft is also helping to bridge the divide and bring technology to children that need it most.  Estella and her brilliant bus by the end of 2016 will have helped to connect over 1 million children with access to technology ultimately providing them with educational training and self-help experiences that will empower them to become life-long learners.

So I too say YES! I plan to extend on the idea of my future learning space for girls in the Za’atari refugee camp by incorporating a mobile classroom.  It is my hope that this will help alleviate some concerns about the safety of girls travelling to school.  Eliminating this barrier will hopefully evoke change in the attitudes of parents who withhold their daughters from education because of safety concerns.  It will also make a statement that the education of girls is important and valued.