Twelve weeks ago if you had asked me what I thought was meant by the term learning spaces I would have likely described the classroom in which students learn.  I would have talked about an environment that was conducive to learning and mentioned its physical features.  However, I have since taken a learning journey myself and in this time have discovered there are a number of important learning spaces that are not limited to a physical setting. 

The Liminal space for example.  What??? yes, that’s exactly what I said.  I had never even heard of this term let alone used it as a reference to a learning space.  But can I tell you, I am so grateful to put a name to a space where I seem to spend so much time.  In particular over the course of the last 12 weeks, I have spent hours upon hours, days and weeks even in this transformative space.  My thoughts, understandings and ideas have been challenged and it has at times been uncomfortable and frustrating but the learning during this space has been significant and the knowledge gained cannot be reversed or unlearnt.    

So what other new understandings and a-ha moments have I had about learning spaces?


Scratching beyond the surface of this notion of learning spaces has given me a greater understanding of how, when and where I can create valuable learning opportunities for my students and how best to support them during the learning process.