There are currently a number of initiatives based around art that are being used to transform the lives of refugees.  Whether it be painting, photography or film, these mediums are being used to help refugees express their creativity and realise their potential. 

So what are the benefits of art for not only refugees but all children

  • provides a vehicle for self-development and personal expression
  • it can have a therapeutic effect
  • fun and enjoyable
  • fosters a new channel for their voice
  • it’s a tool to tell the world of their hopes, dreams and desires for their life

In the Zaatari refugee camp there is a wonderful project taking place that offers workshops to children focusing on art and educational topics such as health and hygiene.  As part of this project the young children have been creating murals across the camp from on building and wheelbarrows to tents.  Not only are the children participating in the workshop experiencing some of the abovementioned benefits but they are also bringing some joy to the camp as they tell their stories through art. 


If you find this idea interesting, you might also like to explore the below link to see a girl’s life in the Zaatari Refugee Camp documented through photos.